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  • Event Design

This is the whole kit and caboodle. Let us know your parameters, and we'll take care of everything. 

  • Event Strategy & Marketing

You know you want to have an event, and you know your goal, but do you know how to connect the two? We not only can help you come up with the right strategy, but to communicate your message to your audience. #missionaccomplished

  • Production Management

Sound? Check. Lights? Check. Talent? Check. Now you need to put it all together to make a show. Let us give you a hand by managing your show vendors, so your vision stays organized and intact.

  • Audio, Video, Lighting, Staging, and Backline Brokerage

We work with internationally renowned show vendors that will make sure your event is heard, seen, and remembered.

  • Talent Buying

Spoiler alert: rock'n'roll fantasy ahead. Whether it's your favorite classic rock band, or the latest pop act, we can book the right entertainment to make your event truly memorable. In addition to connecting you with the right people, A12 will walk you through the complex process of negotiating and contracting with the artist.

  • Venue/Site Scouting and Selection

Whether you are having an intimate event for 50 or a convention for 10,000, we'll pair you with your ideal venue. 

  • Logistics and Transportation Charters

Planes, trains, and automobiles (and boats). With over 15 years of show logistics experience, we can find the best way to get you on the road. Need to charter a flight? Already reached cruising altitude. 10 coaches? Rollin'. A yacht? Bon voyage. 15 semis? 10-4, good buddy.

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